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Survey Software for Customer Surveys & Employee Surveys

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Our survey software allows you to easily create a customer survey that will tell you what your customers and prospective customers want so you can meet and even surpass their expectations.

Using our survey software for an employee survey will help you discover the problems that are preventing your employees from giving 100%.

The Survey Genie was developed by Dr. William Steinberg, the internationally acclaimed survey consultant, to help you quickly and easily create your own professional customer surveys and employee surveys without paying for high priced consulting services.

The Survey Genie software contains everything you need to:


Develop complete surveys effortlessly.


Capture your data quickly.


Produce comprehensive graphs and tables in minutes.


Obtain the information you need to expand your business, sales and profits.

The Survey Genie is a complete survey package. It will help you, with remarkable ease, to get the information necessary to develop your business to its full potential. There is no faster or more efficient way to create, run, and analyze professional quality customer surveys and employee surveys.

For even more features, consider the Survey Genie Gold or Survey Tools for Windows.

The Survey Genie $179
The Survey Genie Gold $395

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