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Survey-Related Articles

The articles here contain a wealth of valuable tips on conducting employee surveys, customer surveys and 360 degree feedback surveys. Many are from past issues of our newsletter, Trends. All articles are by Dr. William Steinberg unless another author(s) is identified.

Customer Surveys

Your Customers Have the Answers
Customer survey case study illustrates value of customer surveys.

Ten Ways To Increase Response To Your Customer Surveys
Proven techniques to increase your response rates.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys

360 Degree Feedback Surveys Will Make You A Better Manager
A process to maximize the benefits of 360 degree feedback surveys.

Two Models For 360 Degree Feedback Surveys
Discussion of two popular models for doing 360 degree feedback surveys.

Is 360 Degree Feedback a Fad?
Tips on getting the most out of your 360 degree feedback survey.

Why Soliciting 360 Degree Feedback Is Important
Drs. Jones and Bearley explain the benefits of 360 degree feedback surveys.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys - Getting Started
Drs. Jones and Bearley provide some easy-to-sell options for overcoming resistance to 360 degree feedback surveys.

Staff Cohesion
Mental training consultant Karlene Sugarman on buiding and leading a winning team.

Employee Surveys

Why Employee Attitude Surveys Fail
Follow the guidelines in this article and you will have a successful employee survey project.

Tips on Surveying Employees
Drs. Jones and Bearley provide 11 tips to improve your next employee attitude survey.

Alternatives to Large Scale Employee Surveys
Drs. Jones and Bearley offer several alternatives to expensive large scale employee surveys.

How to do Effective Employee Surveys with Survey Tools for Windows
Our short list of top tips for effective employee surveys.

Track Exit Interviews with Survey Tools for Windows
Get the most out of your exit interviews with survey software.

The Trouble with External Norms
Comparing your company's employee survey results to external norms is a very bad idea - Find out why.

Survey Articles
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