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Survey-Related Consulting Services

Aside from selling the market-leading survey software, we also provide survey-related consulting services. In addition, we are happy to provide referrals to qualified consultants worldwide. A list of some of our associates, by region, follows. We, and our associates, will be happy to provide a quote for your survey-related consulting project. We can provide help with any or all of the following:

  • Development of Survey Project Goals
  • Selling Top Management on Value of Survey Project
  • Design of Survey Project
  • Questionnaire Development
  • Introduction of Project to Management/Employees
  • Survey Administration
  • Generation of Results
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Development of Recommendations and Action Plans
  • Feedback of Findings to Management/Employees
  • Implementation of Improvement Strategies

To contact us for a quote or for the phone numbers of one or more consultants in your region, call us at (888) 725-9392 or E-mail us . All the consultants that we deal with use our survey software and are experienced in creating, conducting and analyzing surveys.

Northeast US

Basil Rouskas Associates Inc. (NJ)
Hollander & Associates (NY)
HR Consulting LLC (NY)
HResource Management (RI)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
Human Resource Associates (NY)
Human Resource Trouble Shooters (PA)
J. Miller & Associates (NY)
Keenan Consulting (RI)
Lake Associates (NY)
MBS Management, Inc. (NJ)
Optima Performance Partners Inc. (PA)
Positive Impact Associates Inc. (NJ)
Reinsel & Co. (PA)
Stone Associates, Inc. (PA)
Theo Pappas & Associates (NY)
William Cummings (PA)

East Central US

Alan Davidson, Ph.D., Inc. (DC)
The Cambridge Group (MD)
Chase Integrity Systems, Inc. (IL)
CPR Resources (VA)
Executive Resources Consulting Group (DC, VA)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
MBS Management, Inc. (NJ)
Newteach (WV)
The Oberg Group (MD)
Professional Development Services (OH)
Starkey, Beall & Co. (MD)
Steve Wilson and Company (OH)

Southeast US

American Leadership (FL)
Executive Resources Consulting Group (AR, FL)
Foundation for Success (St. Maarten)
The HR Connection (FL)
The HR Connection (NC)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
Human Resource Directions (NC)
Human Resource Management Inc. (AL)
Human Resource Professionals (SC)
Lifestyle Management Associates (GA)
Dr. James L. Lister (NC)
Management Services Center, Inc. (FL)
PAG, Inc. (SC)
Personnel Directions (TN)
Resource Dimensions (FL)
Tetra Management Services, Inc. (GA)
Walker Management Inc. (KY)

Midwest US

Alternative HR Development (SD)
AMO - Employer Services Inc. (MO)
Baden, Gage & Schroeder (IN)
Brigham Group, Inc. (WI)
Bryce Adie & Associates (WI)
Capstone Consulting, Inc. (IL)
Chase Integrity Systems, Inc.(IL)
Computer Education Systems (WI)
D & S Company (IL)
Employee Assistance Center (MI)
Executive Resources Consulting Group (IL)
HR Dimensions (IN)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
Human Resource Alternatives (IL)
Human Resource Management Services (WI)
Interview Technologies Inc. (WI)
LMQI Consultants (MI)
Oracon Group, Inc. (WI)
Phillips & Associates (IN)
Rogers & Associates (WI)
The Solution Exchange (MN)
Tetra Management Services, Inc. (GA)

South Central US

Association Works (TX)
Executive Resources Consulting Group (AZ)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
John D. Hezel & Associates (TX)
Lewis & Associates (LA)
MAJ Consulting (TX)
OnSite Solutions, Inc. (TX)
People Solutions, Inc. (TX)
Procorp Associates (TX)

West Coast US

A.D. Benson and Associates (HI)
Alan Davidson, Ph.D., Inc. (CA)
Executive Resources Consulting Group (AZ, CA)
HRCentral (OR)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
Human Resources and Management Strategies (CA)
Lawrence E. Wharton, Management Consultant (OR)
MECA Profiles (WA)
The SMART Consulting Group (CA)

Northwest US

A Learning Consultant Inc. (CO)
HRCentral (OR)
HRS/TND Associates, Inc. (PA)
Jonell Institute (CO)
Lawrence E. Wharton, Management Consultant (OR)
MECA Profiles (WA)


Alster International Inc. (PQ)
K. D. Frey & Associates Inc. (Ont.)
Machan & Associates (Man.)
MPR People Solutions Inc. (PQ)
R. J. Megill Associates (Ont.)
Ward-Green & Hill Associates (Ont.)


Foundation for Success (St. Maarten)
Management Services Center, Inc. (FL)
Transition Management Services, Inc. (PR)


Transition Management Services, Inc. (PR)

South America

Transition Management Services, Inc. (PR)


Stephen Huntley Associates (UK)


Andrus Associates Inc. (Guam)


Karen McMillan Consulting

Survey Consulting
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