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Survey software designed to answer all your needs – and all your questions.

Whether you need to improve customer relations, enhance efficiency, or strengthen your management team, Survey Tools for Windows is what you're looking for. More than just simple survey software, it is your key to successfully gathering information about every aspect of your organization to make sure you maximize your resources and your production.

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Employee surveys, customer surveys, 360-degree surveys – and all the info you need.

Developed by internationally acclaimed survey consultant, Dr. William Steinberg, Survey Tools for Windows has three main components to help you quickly and easily create your own professional surveys while avoiding high priced consulting services:

Our survey software is a complete package that will help you with all steps of the survey process, from ideation to implementation and presentation.

Complete with its new features, Version 5.0 of Survey Tools for Windows is the result of several years of development and addresses the suggestions of our thousands of satisfied customers.

Fully functional working demo - and our money back guarantee

Feel free to try our demo version, at no risk, to explore our survey software. In case you're still unsure, Survey Tools for Windows comes with a six month, no-risk, money-back guarantee. We should warn you though – we've never had a return from a dissatisfied customer.


Call us at (888) 725-9392, Fax us at (514) 483-6660 or E-mail us. If you do not need all the features of the top of the line Survey Tools for Windows, you should consider our junior survey software – The Survey Genie.

Order Survey Tools for Windows $695 or for simpler survey needs order The Survey Genie $179

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